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Category Archives: Real Legal Questions & Answers

Michigan speeding citation Wisconsin license

Question:  My husband and I were traveling in Michigan for a wedding. We live in Wisconsin. We were stopped for speeding 65 over 55. We paid a bond of $20 to the officer and will mail out a payment for the rest of the balance on the citation ($105) today, but my question is that… Read More »

Are there laws about court system fairness?

Question:  In 2012, I was cited for DUI. One of the officers involved has had multiple DUI incidents of his own, but has been let “off the hook” even though his last one in 2013 resulted in his car parked on top of a guard rail. He is now the chief of police, and has… Read More »

My license was suspended but I have not paid the fine or reinstated it can I drive a bike with a aftermarket motor on it in Wi?

Question:  It was for an owi and I need the breath test on a car would I need that on a bike? Since it is not a moped do all the laws apply. Answer:  Until you successfully complete the Ignition Interlock Order you are prohibited from operating any Class D vehicle unless it is equipped… Read More »

I need an OWI attorney in my area

Question:  3rd violations but in 14 years Answer:  Wisconsin, unfortunately, in determining whether to charge you with a criminal third offense OWI (Incarceration up to one year, fine up to $2,000 plus costs, DL Revocation and Ignition Interlock Order up to 3 years & AODA) includes all convictions for prior offenses with a violation date… Read More »

I got a DUI in FL in 2008. I was unable to make the court date due to divorce and relocation. Do I need a lawyer?

Question:  I currently live in WI and I need to get this situation behind me. The case is still open as far as I know. I’m not sure what course of action to take. I can’t go to FL because I was recently diagnosed with cancer and all of my care takes place here not… Read More »

Is there any chance to reduce a 2nd offense OWI to a 2nd 1st offense OWI in La Crosse, WI?

Question:  I was cited a 2nd offense OWI recently in La Crosse, WI, which was 9 years and 50 weeks apart from the 1st OWI (4/2/05). I have a very good job which could be at risk, and would like to avoid incarceration at all costs (or minimize to 48 hours). Would any lawyer in… Read More »

I’m in Wisconsin and am applying for a job. I recently got a DUI and unsure of what to put for the following question.

Question:  Have you ever pled guilty, or no contest/nolo contendere, to or been convicted of an ordinance violation (other than minor traffic violations), misdemeanor, or felony? Answer:  The answer is clear: if you have been convicted already then you must answer yes because a DUI is not a minor traffic offense. If you have not… Read More »

What is the penalty for driving a vehicle without an interlock when ordered due to owi? Is it a felony?

Question:  Ordered interlock for two years but what if i get caught driving without one? Answer:  Sections 347.413(1) and 347.50(1s) provide for imprisonment for not more than 6 months and a fine of between $150 and $600, plus costs, for a first offense. Section 347.50 (1t) extends by six months the IID period. If you… Read More »

Should I appear in court for my underage consumption ticket if it doesn’t require me to?

Question: I have received a ticket for underage consumption that does not require me to appear in court. This is my first offense. I was not booked and I was released and allowed to carry on my night after receiving my ticket. Just not sure if it is worth my time to go to court… Read More »

I am from WI and got a DUI in Washington State. Should I appear?

Question: We were off the road parked with the intention of calling LYFT (cab) when cop pulled up behind us ( no good reason). Wisconsin is not a “reporting” state. Should I fly out? Can an attorney appear for me? From what I understand Washington State has an off road defense – if you pull… Read More »

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