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How Does an Interlock Ignition Device Work?

An interlock ignition device (IID) is just one of various penalties for a drunk driving conviction. By hiring a Milwaukee DUI lawyer, you can fight the DUI arrest. It is well worth your time and effort to do this.

An IID requires you to breathe into the device and the device gives a reading. Some devices have a breath pattern you must follow, and other devices work by measuring your breath temperature. When blowing into the IID, you can pass, fail or receive inadequate sample readings. When your BAC is .02 or higher, you  fail the test. The ignition starts the car when you pass. An inadequate reading means you did not breathe enough air into the device, you stopped in the middle of the breathing procedure or you failed to blow air in the correct way. After one inadequate sample reading, you get two more tries before the IID locks the ignition. Also, after three unsuccessful attempts, the device records a violations reset. After a violations reset, you have seven days to return the device to the service provider or a permanent lockout may occur. While driving, you must also pass rolling retests, which are additional breath samples required five minutes after the ignition starts, and then randomly in five- to 30-minute intervals. The purpose of rolling retests is to prevent a sober person from helping you to start the car and allowing you to drive drunk. If you fail the rolling retest after three attempts, the horn starts honking and the emergency car lights continue flashing.

Being forced to have an IID in all vehicles being operated prevents many forms of employment, particularly involving sales and service of automobiles and delivery of goods. No customer or company vehicle — or any vehicle — can be operated unless it is equipped with an Ignition Interlock Device. If arrested for DUI, protect your rights and find out how an attorney can help.

Hayes & Rothstein represents clients in DUI cases to help them avoid conviction or minimize penalties.

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