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I am from WI and got a DUI in Washington State. Should I appear?

Question: We were off the road parked with the intention of calling LYFT (cab) when cop pulled up behind us ( no good reason). Wisconsin is not a "reporting" state. Should I fly out? Can an attorney appear for me? From what I understand Washington State has an off road defense - if you pull off with the intention of not driving further when intoxicated that can negate a DUI. Please help.

Answer: You need to consult with an attorney in Washington. Keep in mind that a conviction in Washington will most likely be reported to the Wisconsin DMV which, for a first offense, will enter a six month revocation of operating privileges in Wisconsin. You will not be able to reinstate you Wisconsin license until you satisfy all requirements for reinstatement of your privilege to operate in Washington. See the National Driver Registry Problem Pointer System. If the conviction does not get reported to the Wisconsin DMV you will still have a reinstatement bar when your current Wisconsin license expires. Furthermore, a conviction will appear on NCIC which will be accessed by law enforcement in Wisconsin if you are subject to a future traffic stop in Wisconsin. You have a complicated situation that requires a very good Washington attorney. Attorney Michael Hayes

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