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Michigan speeding citation Wisconsin license

Question:  My husband and I were traveling in Michigan for a wedding. We live in Wisconsin. We were stopped for speeding 65 over 55. We paid a bond of $20 to the officer and will mail out a payment for the rest of the balance on the citation ($105) today, but my question is that will my husband (driver) get points since we are out of state? His driving record is clean and has never had points before. And how do we check the status of his driving to see if they issued points to his license or not? And if they did how can we request for the points to be dropped? Who issues the points? Thanks!

Answer:  The conviction will appear on your Wisconsin driving record for 5 years. It will appear as a zero point offense, so there is no possibility of it contributing toward a driver license suspension for accumulation of points, but your insurance rates will be affected for 3 to 4 years. You should hire a lawyer in Michigan to get the ticket amended.

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