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Should I appear in court for my underage consumption ticket if it doesn’t require me to?

Question: I have received a ticket for underage consumption that does not require me to appear in court. This is my first offense. I was not booked and I was released and allowed to carry on my night after receiving my ticket. Just not sure if it is worth my time to go to court… Read More »

I am from WI and got a DUI in Washington State. Should I appear?

Question: We were off the road parked with the intention of calling LYFT (cab) when cop pulled up behind us ( no good reason). Wisconsin is not a “reporting” state. Should I fly out? Can an attorney appear for me? From what I understand Washington State has an off road defense – if you pull… Read More »

Spring 2015 Newsletter

We would like to inform you of cases we have successfully concluded within the last few months. If we can help you, contact us at 414-291-9911. Personal Injury Settlement Within the last few months four personal injury settlements were reached on behalf of our clients for a total of over $500,000.  Call Hayes & Rothstein at 414-291-9911 or… Read More »

What Are The Penalties for an OWI Accident in Wisconsin?

Preventing accidents is the primary public policy argument in favor of the creation and enforcement of OWI laws. Accidents, however, are only involved in a small percentage of OWI arrests. When an accident does occur or when there is a significant threat of an accident occurring such as driving the wrong way on a divided… Read More »

What Is Wisconsin’s Driving Points System?

When you receive a traffic ticket in Wisconsin, depending on the traffic violation, a certain number of points go onto your driving record. When enough points accrue, you can lose your right to drive through a license suspension. A Milwaukee traffic defense lawyer can often help you challenge traffic tickets and avoid having points added… Read More »

How Does an Interlock Ignition Device Work?

An interlock ignition device (IID) is just one of various penalties for a drunk driving conviction. By hiring a Milwaukee DUI lawyer, you can fight the DUI arrest. It is well worth your time and effort to do this. An IID requires you to breathe into the device and the device gives a reading. Some… Read More »

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