324 E Wisconsin Ave, # 1111, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202

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Hayes & Rothstein SC

324 E Wisconsin Ave, # 1111
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202
Phone: 414-291-9911


For over 25 years, our office has been in the Wells Building at 324 E. Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 1111, Milwaukee, WI 53202. We are at the intersection of Milwaukee Street and Wisconsin Avenue in the East Town District of Historic Milwaukee. The Pfister Hotel is one block east at 424 East Wisconsin Avenue. The federal courthouse is at 517 E. Wisconsin Avenue. The 42-story U.S. Bank building is at 777 E. Wisconsin Avenue. Our office is three blocks east of the Milwaukee River. Three blocks south is the Historic Third Ward.

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We provide parking. There are four options for parking:

  1. The ramp within the Pfister Hotel. The entrance is on Mason Street between Jefferson street and Milwaukee Street. Bring the ticket to our office for validation.
  2. The ramp at the 411 East Wisconsin building. The entrance is on Jefferson Street. . Bring the ticket to our office for validation.
  3. The parking structure at 250 East Wisconsin. The entrance is on Broadway. Bring the ticket to our office for validation.
  4. Metered parking is available on city streets. There is no charge for parking after 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. There is no charge at any time on weekends. The charge is $1.25 per hour on weekdays prior to 6 p.m. (Bring quarters.)

History of the Wells Building and Our Neighborhood

Hayes & Rothstein, S.C. has been in the Wells Building for over 25 years. In 2012 the new owners committed to an extensive renovation and upgrade of all facilities within this historic building that is described as follows fro the Milwaukee Public Library website:

In 1901 when Daniel Wells Jr. erected the Wells Building at 324 E. Wisconsin Ave., he recalled hunting quail at this location. The building was originally 15 stories high, but two or more stories were added in 1905. Wells looked upon the building as his monument. Its first two floors shone with sheet copper and cast bronze ornamentation. Beyond its spectacularly arched entrance was a lobby of marble and three mosaic domes in the vestibule. The pioneer Milwaukeean died two months before the first tenant, the law firm of Cary, Upham and Black, moved into the new structure. Looked upon in those early days of the century as a skyscraper, the building was the first in town to have automatic elevators. Two life-size stone bears looked down from the fourth floor level over the entrance. Bear heads were also sculptured around the cornice at the top of the building. One popular theory holds that Wells chose the bear motif because he made his fortune as a bear in Milwaukee's trading pit. Much of the beauty of the building's exterior was lost in the late '50s when the terra cotta cornice and sculptured ornaments of the top four floors were stripped. Remodeling was completed in 1960.

Milwaukee Street between Wisconsin Avenue and Mason street is one of the best-preserved Civil War-era streets in Wisconsin. Within this block are many upscale bars and restaurants, including Indulge Wine Room, 708 N. Milwaukee, Sake Tumi, 714 N. Milwaukee, Umani Moto, 718 N. Milwaukee, Distil, 720 N. Milwaukee, Carnevor, 724 N. Milwaukee, Kenadee's, 725 N. Milwaukee, Charro, 729 N. Milwaukee, Cubanitas, 728 N. Milwaukee, Dick's, 730 N. Milwaukee, and Zarletti's, 741 N. Milwaukee. At the corner of Milwaukee Street and Mason Street are the Hotel Metro Restaurant and Karl Ratzsch's Restaurant/ The Mason Street Grill and Blu are within the Pfister Hotel. The newly-opened Marriott Hotel is across the street adjacent to Johnson Bank. One block away on Broadway is the newly-opened Hilton Gardens located in the original Milwaukee headquarters for Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance.

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